Nancy Lee

 My two older brothers and I were born in the territory of Alaska which provided the great outdoors to adventure in.  We did. I swam, downhill skied, climbed mountains, became a private pilot, got my scuba certification (In glacial ocean), fished, rappelled, snow machined, waterskied, jumped horses, kayaked, and can self arrest on a glacier. It was dangerous and SO much fun! It was a wonderful place to grow up.
With all the fun came injury, intrigue, accidents, avalanches, car wrecks, hypothermia, frostbite, plane crashes, and great loss of friends and family.
I earned my Bible College Diploma from Abbott Loop Christian Center  in Anchorage, Alaska. I worked hard to earn my Associate of Arts Degree from University of Alaska and my Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado Mountain College. I raised my two amazing children in a village called Talkeetna, and am a Grandmother! I now live in San Antonio, Texas,  and I do Alaskan Shows. I am a grateful  member of Cornerstone Church. I am available for speaking engagements.
My Alaska! is the first book I have written detailing some of my challenges and adventures. I hope you enjoy it! 

Excerpt from My Alaska!

 Andy and I flew out only to be weathered in at Nenana, halfway home to Talkeetna. We ended up in a trailer hotel there-the only one in town-and I couldn't wait for a hot bath and some sleep. As I opened the door to our hotel room holding my baby Andy, I noticed two smallholes in the wall about eye height. I thought, That's odd!  I looked down to see the huge round  dried bloodstain on the floor. That answered the question about where the two holes came from! So there I was in the room where someone had been shot, with my little baby. 

 "This is a fascinating tale of a girl growing up on America's last frontier, in the wilderness of Alaska with it's bear, moose, caribou, and wolves, with many close calls and adventures. Married to a bold bush pilot who was also a gold miner, hunting guide and flyer of  Mt. McKinley climbers. All in all, a wonderful story of high adventure in Alaska."
---- Lowell Thomas Jr., former Lt. Governor and Alaska State Senator, adventurer, author, film and television producer, lecturer, and Alaskan Bush Pilot.

"This book gives the reader a great slice of the true frontier Alaskan experience. Nancy Lee has walked the walk...her stories are heartfelt, exciting and inspirational. If you've had a yearning to pack up, leave the city life behind, and head into the Alaskan wilderness, Nancy's stories will help show you the way."
-----Charles Heath Jr., father, teacher, Alaskan author and gold miner.